Agent Life Insurance Quoter & A LOT More


LifeBrain® is an advanced life insurance and sales quoting resource designed to simplify the workflow for agents and agencies. With LifeBrain you can:

  • Run quotes for up to multiple different carriers from an easy to use interface.
  • Run quotes for term, final expense, guaranteed issue and simplified issue all in one place. 
  • Instead of entering a death benefit, try the LifeBrain® Budget Quoter. Enter in a monthly budget amount and LifeBrain will calculate how much death benefit your client can afford.
  • Find the best rate class using the rate class tool.
  • Email and text clients quotes right from the LifeBrain quoting interface.
  • Compare products in the quoting interface with comprehensive details about each carrier.
  • Mobile-friendly design makes it easy for agents to quote on the go.
  • View quoting history. Can't remember a previous quote you ran for a potential client? Find it fast and easy.
  • Run quotes for different term lengths, health classes and death benefits all at one time, to find the best options quickly.
  • Lookup product features and carrier profiles right from your quote results.
  • Apply for policies right from the quoting screen using a variety of options (drop ticket, paper forms & e-Application). No longer do you have to re-type information for an application.*
  • Customize to any CRM and push contact information directly into LifeBrain® and then save quotes back to your CRM making quoting more efficient and secure. Can be setup for individuals or entire organizations with full administrative management tools.* 

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